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I just want to be great
Proud isn’t always a bad thing

Model// ALEX WEK 
Photographer// WENDELIEN DAAN

Filthy Habit nr. 38: Beyoncé drops new album ” Beyoncé ” and Drunk in love ft. Jay-Z - likes and dislikes

SURPRISE! Queen B drops a new album, ” Beyonce ” and not just any other one, a visual album. There will be 17 video’s and 14 spanking new songs. The internet is going crazy as the r&b star dropped everything at the same time! Previews of each video are available on her Youtube Channel. The full versions are only available on ITunes and will be officiallyy released the 20th. Talk about a perfect xmas gift !! Drake, Andre 3000, Jay-Z and Frank Ocean are featured on the reccord. ”Drunk is love” featuring Jay-Z seems to be the first single as its full version is already available and on the radio. Can’t wait for the official release!


  1. Beyonce knows how to be herself yet evolve. This new single is something new yet it still sounds like her. She knows how to be authentic.
  2. Beyoncé’s rap vibe is really interesting. She has that southern slick and knows how to make it work. It was about time she ‘rapped’ again, I loved ”Diva” for it.
  3. The chemistry between her and Jay-Z is so cute it’s ennoying! Love is dripping off their faces… so cute…so ennoying!


  1. The song might be a little long. It kind of seems like Jay-Z could be cut off the song. His part seems a little superfluous.


The trendy couple
Fur, fur and more fur. This winters must have is fur, no doubt about it. Long and straight is exactly how it should be worn at all times. We love the way he combined the two coats and his bag. We also love how she combined her boots and her coat. Good job!